Our Advent Calendar

Tomorrow marks day one of our advent calendar. An advent calendar is used to count and celebrate the days in anticipation of Christmas. There are many ways to count down the days...some tell a portion of Christ's birth each day.  A very common way is to purchase an advent filled with small pieces of chocolate that is uncovered each day...this is what we've done forever.
Last year I bought an advent calendar that I can use for years to come and fill with whatever, we filled ours with different candies the kids liked. This year I wanted to up the ante and do something a little different. 
Since my kiddos are getting older I wanted to add a little scavenger hunt on some days. A message will be left telling them to look somewhere for a clue and that clue will lead to another, until they find their surprise. It won't be everyday but maybe twice somewhere in the calendar.
Here are some of the activities/things they will find in their calendar, I won't use them all but I added more ideas just in case you want to incorporate any for your calendars.
  1. Chocolate
  2. Visit Santa
  3. Movie night with homemade cider
  4. Go pick out a new holiday book to add to our collection
  5. Go to the tree farm to pick out our tree
  6. Tickets to an event
  7. Hang a new special ornament
  8. Bake holiday goodies
  9. Hot chocolate breakfast with homemade marshmallows
  10. Tiny toys
  11. Deliver neighbor gifts
  12. Go to the movies
  13. Make gingerbread houses or trains
  14. Holiday lunch outing
We do all of these activities during the holiday season, so I am not going out of my way to achieve these things. It will be a fun reminder of whats awaiting them for that day. The kids  have ask, several times, to go on the Polar Express. You get to ride the train and drink hot chocolate while listening to The Polar Express. Santa is waiting in the North Pole on his sleigh, he meets with each kid and gives them a special gift. I've never been able to get the tickets in time before they sold out so maybe, just maybe, they will get to go this year. They will have to wait and see if it pops up in the calendar!
Do you do a special advent calender or purchase one from the store? I have seen so many cute ideas across blog land, have you seen any you would want to try? See ya soon!


  1. Very very interesting i hope they get to go on the polar express

  2. I love your Christmas list of activities. I am really looking forward to enjoying the holidays with my family too. Hope you guys get to ride the P.E. this year!!!

  3. Sounds cool wheres the p.e. ride at gul


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