November 2012 Photo-A-Day

I have thoroughly enjoyed taking the November Photo-A-Day Challenge created by Fat Mum Slim. This was my first time participating, I attempted to do it in October but only took 3 photos! :)

My oldest joined in the process by giving me ideas for photos to take and by helping me get my creative juices flowing. What would I do without that girl? I love to instagram, I don't get down with Facebook or even Twitter, but oh me oh my I heart instagram. I have no idea why! If I am not chilling with the fam or creating something, you will most likely find me instagraming, pinteresting or blogging!

In case you missed my daily post of pics on my instagram @chippasunshine page, here is a fun little recap with some descriptions behind the photos. So here is a peek into my daily life.

Day 1 - Corks - My collection of wine corks for a little project that didn't work out
Day 2 - Colour - Picking our flowers for my upcoming favorite things party!
Day 3 - Breakfast - Grits with 3 pieces of BACON!
Day 4 - TV - Catching up on the second season of Downton Abbey
Day 5 - 5am - Checking my Google Reader for a little light reading before I have to get the kiddos up for school
Day 6 - My Favorite Thing
Day 7 - Reflection - Getting some pizza and taking a silly photo in their window
Day 8 - Something I Do Everyday - Help with homework, just so happens we have to make a multiplication game.
Day 9 - Small - My boys love legos. They provide hours of entertainment but just don't step on one in the dead of night
Day 10 - Can't Live Without - My Glasses
Day 11 - Night
Day 12 - Drink - I usually make my Starbucks at home but I have a weakness for a tall french vanilla cappuccino with whip
Day 13 - Where I Slept
Day 14 - Man-Made
Day 15 - What's in My Bag - I did a little Christmas shopping today, getting that early start!
Day 16 - View from My Window
Day 17 - The Last Thing I Bought - Kerosene
Day 18 - This Happened - Built North's Sleigh at Lowe's Kids Clinic
Day 19 - Something Awesome - My oldest playing the violin
Day 20 - Work/Play
Day 21 - What I Wore
Day 22 - Grateful - This is a few snap shots of my wonderful Thanksgiving spent with family!
Day 23 - Black - I am lovin this black tea 'Vanilla Caramel Truffle'
Day 24 - A Sound I Heard - My kiddos had turned all the snow globes on before school!
Day 25 - Sky
Day 26 - In the Cupboard
Day 27 - Tree
Day 28 - Vehicle - My trusty dusty!
Day 29 - Big - My big impromptu paint project that is currently underway! More to share on my paint new paint color!
Day 30 - On the Wall

I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about me and my day to day life this past month. I am glad I participated in this challenge, it will make you stop and take notice of what's around you and helps you find beauty in it.

If you want to participate this month here is the new calendar for December's Photo-A-Day Challenge so head over to Fat Mum Slim to find out how to play. I hope you join in this month. See ya soon!

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