Let It Shine, Let It Shine, Let It Shine

This weekend we did a quick update to the light fixture in our laundry room. Since moving into our home about 4 years ago I have been on a rampage trying to replace all the light fixtures in the house. The previous homeowners went out and bought a value pack of the same fixture and put them everywhere. Now all that remains are 2....almost there! :)

Rooms in my home tend to take a while to finish. Due to budget, DIY elements, procrastination, indecisiveness and so on and so forth. :) I haven't done much to this space other than putting in a rug, adding a temporary storage cabinet and you remember my curtains (here & here).

Here is what we were working with before. A 'boob light' like Tommy from Sarah Richardson always calls them.

Our new fixture is one I found from Ikea called alang. The diameter is 18" and the height is 6".

I enlisted help from Dr.J because I don't mess with electricity. Following a few somewhat simple instructions, she was put up! Don't you just love Ikea instruction manuals? They kill me with the just pictures no words thing.

I love how much sleeker it looks! The shade is magnetic, which provides its seamless look!

And for your viewing pleasure here is a before and after shot:
 So what do you think? Tomorrow I will be back with my Christmas tree reveal! See ya soon!


  1. I love your new light fixture what a great idea it makes it look a world of new.Out with the hospital fixture in with the new

  2. The new light looks great!! I was on the same mission in my home, to get rid of those darn boob lights lol :) We had them everywhere too, lol


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