Oh Christmas Tree

We dedicate the first weekend in December to pick out our Christmas tree. On December 2 we headed to our local tree farm, Home Depot! :) As soon as we got to the tent, the kids ran and picked out a tree.
That tree was much to big for our house so we headed on the other side with the smaller trees. The kids once again picked out the tree. Of course the tree had to go through my grueling interrogation. We had to check for symmetry, crookedness, height and roundness. We all gave the tree two thumbs up.
Yes we all wore Santa hats!
The home depot elves gave our tree a little trimming and we headed home to decorate this baby!
We have a lot of fun decorating the tree and listening to my favorite Christmas album by James Taylor. We decorated the tree on that Monday due to some of my lights not working and we had to make a mad dash to 3 different stores to find lights.

Our Finished Tree:

As our family tradition we do not put the star on top until Christmas Eve and this year it is J's turn! I decorate with the same color scheme every year. Red and gold are my colors and I try to add to the tree every year. This year I did not buy anything but I received an wooden nativity ornament at the Walk Thru Bethlehem and that is by far my favorite ornament adorning the tree.

I think I might start adding some wooden ornaments in the future, I like the way it looks with all the red and gold. Here are a few close ups of the tree:
I love Christmastime and everything that goes along with it. The smell of the tree every time I enter the house is divine. Christmas is only 12 days away and the kids are getting so excited! And me too, see ya soon!

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  1. That was very nice to read and enjoy traveling with you to pick out your beautiful tree you all did a awesome job decorating it

  2. You have a very handsome looking family and your Christmas tree is beautifully decorated!

  3. The tree looks great! Love it :)


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