Hanging of the Wreath

I, kind of, have a thing for wreaths. I want a wreath for every season to adorn my front door. After I packed away the Christmas decor, I wanted a winter wreath to put up. I thought about making a wreath but then I spotted one in Michaels that I couldn't pass up. It doesn't scream winter but spring. Since it is cold and the grass has turned brown and my cherry bushes have lost their leaves, it breaths life. It looks great on the front door next to my evergreens.

The wreath was $49.99 and to me that is a lot of money. I went in and asked if they would take my 50% off coupon, the lady at the cash register said no, not for custom handcrafted items. She however with curiosity tried the coupon and it worked! :) I got the wreath for $24.99, now that is more like it.

So happy with my new purchase I went home and immediately hung it up on the door. Well now the storm door wouldn't close, the blasted thing was too fat. So I put a command strip up on the glass storm door and it would not stick or stay up. If you follow me on instagram you know lately I haven't had much luck with command strips.

Maybe it was the cold, but the strip would not stay up, it sticks to the door just fine but not the storm door. I thought I would have to take the wreath back but I found a magnetic hanger online at Target. It saved the day, well I had to wait a week for it to arrive in the mail. It works on metal and single-pane glass, it also has pads the protect the door or glass from scratches.
The magnets are very strong. When putting it on the glass storm door I used caution. I held one side up in the spot I wanted the wreath then placed the other side offset and slid it into place. I did this cause you never want to take chances with breaking your glass when they attract. They will slam up against each other if you hold them near one other. It has two hooks and cost about $10.

OK, enough of my babbling, here is my new wreath:

Have you made or bought a new wreath lately? I see a lot of bloggers making super cute Valentine wreaths. If you have another way of hanging wreaths let me know, curious. I love my new magnetic hanger and that I don't have to worry about my wreath falling now. See ya soon!


  1. That wreath is so pretty! And you got an amazing deal - looks so nice on your front door!

    BTW - I love your front color and those tall vases! Can I ask where you got the vases from? I can never find tall ones

  2. That is a very pretty wreath..love the greens in it. I'll remember your clever trick hopefully.

  3. I really like the wreath you choose and your solution. I ran into that same problem during Christmas time but instead of coming up with a brilliant idea, I just slammed the door shut to come home and find my wreath sadly waiting for me on the floor. So thanks for the tip ill try that next time.

  4. You answered my question about how to hang a wreath on a storm door. Fantastic find, great idea. Thanks for posting this clever idea.

    1. I am glad you found this post helpful! I love my magnetic hook and I plan on getting more for my windows for Christmas.


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