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By January 1st most of us have made a set of resolutions of what we want to accomplish in the new year. And in true fashion we break those resolutions or they go forgotten. A couple of years ago I adapted the one word approach. You chose a word and imply it towards your life all year long.
These were my one words that I strive towards still today. I like this approach because I am not making concrete resolutions, that I would most defiantly break, but implying a state of mind.

As 2013 approached I thought about what my word might be. I needed to change some things in my life, especially after my physical therapy stint last year, so the word that stuck out was 'self.' I really didn't like the word I chose, maybe I didn't want to seem selfish and all self involved. But isn't that what we tend to use resolutions for anyway, oneself. However, that wasn't the case, I was seeking something else.

My one word and the state of mind that I want to embody for 2013 is HAPPINESS!
I want to be happy, happy with my home, belongings, body image, health, physical strength, family, friends, my van! :)
Searching the web I came across this book The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. It is a easy read. The book is broken down into months and for each month there is a set of mini resolutions or task to work towards. This book is a personal account of Gretchen's happiness project and her approach to changing her life. It is so spot on that I have decided to embody her same goals. I might change up a few here and there to fit me completely.
Next week I will share January's goals and my progress. Have you done the Happiness Project? Do you want to join me? It's not too late. See ya soon!

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