Best of January

Happy Monday! February is in full swing and is it just me but time seems to be flying by so quickly. This weekend was full of projects. School projects that is. My son and I made the cutest bookmarks, I will have to share them soon. 

I thought it would be fun to do a monthly round-up of my greatest hits. Here are the top 4 not-to-miss post from January.

I got my act together and organized my files in one central location. Finally finished painting my living room and rearrange our furniture to get a good feel for some much anticipated changes to come. I revealed my nephew Jr's room, that is near completion. I shared my homemade vanilla marshmallows, that are too cute and would be prefect for Valentines Day.

I have now moved my attention to my daughter's room. I put her daybed on Craigslist this weekend and now I am having second thoughts. I will share her desires for her room and some inspiration. See ya soon!

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