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I wanted to make a list of goals that I want to accomplish around the house. I had some very ambitious goals for this year but I toned it down a notch. I am still going to try to stay true to my last few years of one word resolutions, simplify (2012) and organized (2011).

For the past couple of months I have been really loving minimalist design. Hardly any visual clutter with nice clean lines. I need less clutter, even if it is beautiful, around me at all times. I tend to get anxious and stressed if clutter is around, so little by little I am finding peace with minimal. Lets take a peek at CS Home Goals for 2013.

#1  Lighten Up Living room  First up, I am giving our living room a small makeover. I want to freshen up the space with a new coat of paint. I am going for light and airy throughout my home (besides the boys room). I have a ton of dark wood furniture that I can't seem to bring myself to paint so I am toning down the walls. I want to add a few new pillows and throws and to rearrange my pictures and artwork on the walls.
#2  Build a Garden  I'd like to build some raised planter boxes for my herb and vegetables I want to  grow. I would like this project to be done in the spring so I can start planting in late spring/early summer. This has been a dream of mine for a while now.
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#3  Hello Teen  My daughter will be in her teens this year and it is time for a bigger bed. Her room also will double as a guest room and a twin bed is just not hitting it. She wants her room to be like a library so bookshelves is in order and a comfy chair, but first we will upgrade the bed.
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#4  Porch  For the summer I will like to take my back porch and give it some pizzazz. It's a great spot to sit and relax while watching the bambini play. Some vibrant big fluffy cushions, a outdoor rug, add in some shade plants and hang my outdoor curtains I bought last year. Here is my inspiration.
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#5  Build a Bookcase  Back to the living room, I have some big upgrades for this space and this is just one. We are in need of some bookshelves to store our books and pretty things! I am either going to build it from scratch using one of Ana's plans or customize store bought ones.
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That about does it. I would've loved to take on my kitchen but...it will have to wait for now. I have some organization upgrades I will be doing for sanity purposes. Like updating my filing system, cleaning out the attic and whipping my recipe folder into shape. And a few smallish DIY projects here and there. See ya soon!

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