Be Prepared: First Aid Kit

Everyone needs a first aid kit.  Have you ever cut yourself, and needed something as simple as a band-aid, only to find you didn't have any. Or you have band-aids but can't seem to find the peroxide. A well-stocked first-aid kit is a must have in every home as a simple remedy to minor cuts, burns, and bruises.

We have always had a basic first-aid kit that you can find in any drugstore. You know the one, it has band-aids, alcohol wipes, antibiotic ointment sample, aspirin, just the bare minimum. You would have to go out and purchase more just to beef it up. So when we ran out of all the good stuff from our kit we decided to make our own.
  • The first thing you will need if you choose to make your own kit is a container. Your container should be roomy, durable, easy to transport and simple to open. You want everything in your kit to be located in one place. I used an hobby box from The Container Store. It has an handle, very lightweight and a removable inner tray with partitions for better organization.
  • Sterile gauze pads
  • Roller gauze - for hard to bandage areas
  • Adhesive tape
  • Band-aids and for the boys I got some hero band-aids that appeal to them
  • Elastic bandage
  • Peroxide - did you know it comes in a spray!?! I got it from Wally World for a dollar!
  • Neosporin - I have the ointment and the wound cleanser foam
  • Hydrocortisone cream
  • Tweezers
  • Scissors
  • Q-tips
  • Mr. Bump bruise soother - used as a cold/warm compress
  • Thermometer
  • Plastic non-latex gloves
  • Vaseline
  • Iodine
  • New Skin - a liquid bandage
Make sure you store your newly stocked kit in a place where it is easily accessible but away from kids. If your kids are like mine, you will find them sporting 20 band-aids even when they don't have a sore. My littlest likes to put them on old sores. :)
In our kit we do not keep a flashlight, blankets or medicine. These items have their own home at our house and everyone knows where to find them. If we need them, we know where to get them.

Along with a home first aid kit, you should also have one in each vehicle. A vehicle kit would be a little different from a home kit as you will need more things. We are putting one together for our van and I will do a separate post when we get that finished.
Our first-aid kit was not as expensive as some might think. Most items I found at the dollar store and Wally World had plenty of these items for $1 as well.

You never know when an emergency will happen, big or small.  Hopefully you have a good first-aid kit in your home.  If not, I hope you found this list helpful and that you will make yours soon.  See ya soon!


  1. Such a good post!! I really need to put a first aide kit together ASAP vs. having everything scattered in various spots in the bathroom. so many good tips!

  2. Great post Darnetha...I have appreciated this first-aid kit so much...

  3. This is such a good idea. I keep all of our stuff in the bathroom cabinet. I like your idea of keeping everything together in one spot much more. Thanks for sharing.

  4. This is so important to have around - one in each car too! Love the full list of things you need!

    I'd love for you to share this with us at Living Well Spending Less today in our Thrifty Thursday link party!

    1. Thanks Ruth for stopping by! I just linked up to your Thrifty Thursday link party!

  5. Love the idea of keeping every thing in once place. I suggest to keep a first aid kit in travel and in in workplace so that we can respond properly for an emergency.


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