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Our house finally has eyelashes!
On Sunday, our shutters were installed! For about a year now, the front of our house has sat without shutters. We had a lot of work done to the house over the past year due to a hail storm and we are now just completing the finishing touches.

Since we're on a corner lot we desired to add shutters to the sides of the house; initially we only had shutters on the front. Even though I knew that I wanted black louvered shutters, I went back and forth on choosing the lengths. Did I want them to be the same length as the windows or the wraps? I think this is why it took me so long to get this project completed.

After doing some research, we decided on the shutters being the window length or as close as we could get without going custom. This is a picture of our house before any changes where made to it, this is how it look when we purchased it 5 years ago.
And this is how the house looked after our porch facelift in 2012. Since then we have only added concrete planters to the porch to anchor the door, which I love. 
I am all about DIY and I usually drag my hubby into my projects most time, but this time around we left it to the pros. One, I don't do ladders, I am like a leaf when I am up on a ladder. Two, I label shutters as a job for the hubby and since he has been so busy lately at work, we hired it out.
We hired a friend of ours uncle and he did such an awesome job, everything is straight and even! He was done in no time flat, especially since he had 5 windows to do, alone. I am really glad we decided to put shutters on the sides of the house, it completes the look and compliments the front.

The Front

The Right Side

The Left Side
I am so glad this is done and it makes me wonder why it took me so to make up my mind. Sorry of my life! :) I recently revisited a list of to-do's for the porch/front of the house. Let's take a look at my progress:

wrap porch columns
add shutters around all windows on the front and sides of house
add ceiling to porch
wrap door
add railing around porch and down steps

We still have a lot to finish. Our next project for the front of the house will be to address our columns. They have started to warp a little due to the weight of the porch. I hope you have a lovely weekend! See ya soon!


  1. Your house is so sweet! The Shutters really make it stand out!! I adore your front door color and those planted pots, perfect post since we are paint color shopping this weekend! I also think a planter boxes under your font windows would look so sweet :)

    1. Uh oh, you just gave me a fabulous idea! Planter boxes would look great! Our door color is Robin's Egg by Glidden GLB08.

    2. Your house is so adorable! I love the shutters. They make a huge difference. I love all your shrubs and plants too. Your front door color is a nice pop of color. Beautiful job!

  2. Your shutters are nice. Very pretty home.

  3. Looks very nice glad you finally got it done nice addition

  4. The dark color of the shutters really goes well with the color of the house. It looks really beautiful. I love DIY projects as well and you certainly made the right decision here. I am going to have custom home shutters for my house as well.


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