A Simple Gift

For Mother's Day I wanted to make a little something special for my mother and sister. I really love giving homemade gifts! My mother has everything and just giving a Lowe's gift card (which is what she asks for every year for every occasion) wasn't enough to me :-). I wanted to make something this time around. I usually sew blankets, dolls or superhero capes for my nieces and nephews but I never really made anything for my mom or sister. I came up with this idea of a lemonade basket. 
This gift is so cute and something that you just can't go pick up in a store! All that is required of the recipient is a pitcher and some lemons, everything else is provided in this nicely packaged present. Here is what you will need to make this gift for someone special.

A couple of weeks ago I shared with you how to make three different infused simple syrups and paint dipped spoons. I paired both of these items as well as a citrus reamer and a set of tea towels all packaged up in cute little basket.
I tied the recipe with a cute lemon tag on the outside of the basket. I made a printable for those of you who would like to make this simple gift for someone. This will work great as a hostess or a housewarming gift.
The mint syrup went to my mom and the raspberry went to my sister. I didn't share this with you before because they read my blog and I didn't want them to be tipped off.

And there you have it, a perfect gift for someone special! Have you made anything special for anyone lately? Or has someone made you something special? See ya soon!


  1. So thoughtful and beautifully packaged!

  2. these are the kinds of gifts that are most appreciated and enjoyed, great idea Darnetha!

  3. Super cute! I will be using this for teacher gifts... thanks for the printables!

  4. So cute, I bet they loved it! I need to get more creative like this!

  5. Thank you big sister. The gift was very nice and as always it tasted great...one word sums it up


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