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Hello! I hope you had a lovely Memorial Day weekend. I spent my weekend painting! School is out around here and our summer vacation has officially started. Friday was their last day of school. We attended award ceremony's and my baby M 'gradulated' from preschool. He doesn't say graduated instead he pronounces it 'gradulated' it is the cutest thing ever.
This is my first year blogging so I don't know what to expect as far as summer blogging is concerned. Since all the kids are home all day, posting once a week will be my going rate for the next two months. Unless I have a burst of creative energy to share with you. Inspirational Wednesday's will resume in August.

This summer I plan on finishing up decluttering my home, finish up projects that have long been forgotten, playing games with my kids (it's high time we dusted off the Kinect), having one on one date nights with each of my kids doing something they like, riding bikes, swimming, lounging around sipping on sweet tea, watching movies with popcorn on the sofa, and simply just enjoying my time with my babies.

I will be back this Wednesday with a painting project I have been working on for the last three days. If you follow me on instagram then you already know what my project is and how it turned out. Spoiled I tell ya! :)

If you want to keep in touch with me over the summer break you can always email me at chippasunshine (at) gmail (dot) com or you can check in on my daily shenanigans over on instagram. See ya tomorrow!

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  1. Both my boys are at home...although they both nap still so I guess that isn't quite the same...either way, I find my blogging energy comes in fits and spurts....some days i'm feeling creative and productive and get LOTS done during their downtime and write the posts in the evening...but then I go for a month feeling uninspired....so I don't push myself.

    ANYWAY....have an awesome summer break with the kids! looking forward to more of your project tomorrow.


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