Fall: It's Official

Today is the first day of fall! Can you read the excitement in my voice?! Fall is by far my favorite season! I love the cooler temps, Thanksgiving stuffing, candied apples, leaves turning, pumpkin carving, roasted marshmallows, hot chocolate and did I mention Thanksgiving stuffing! I have a lot of family outings planned for October and I can't wait to spend them with my bambini.

Fall, to me, brings a family closer. Can a season do that? I tend to think so! On this Sunday, we will sit and make a fall bucket list and I will share it this week. What is your favorite season? See ya soon!

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  1. Fall is my favorite too! I hope you and your family have fun making your list.

  2. I think so. It's that time of year when you want to get cozy and bake and just do strings together! Love that pic btw!


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