Inspirational Wednesday - Loveliest Smile

When I was a little girl, autumn simply meant leaves. Lots and lots of leaves. They were all different colors and crunched when you walked on them. I never remember being mad when we had to rake autumns bounty up, all I remember was being elated. You know, rake them in a huge pile and then jump. I loved to jump in the leaves. It was the funnest thing ever!

My husband always wanted to drive through a street full of leaves. I remember when he moved to attend school in another state, I was driving down the street and I saw it. His perfect dream! There was what seemed like a mile of undisturbed leaves covering the entire street. I smiled, when I thought of him and how I missed him so. I drove through them like it was my own fantasy. That was a great day, a great day to smile!

We all have lovely smile moments! Share one of your moments with me. See ya soon!


  1. What great memories Darnetha. I only started experiencing autumn in 2006 when we immigrated to this country, and I was so enamoured with all the colors and just the feeling or 'warmth' despite the cool crisp air. Let's enjoy it while it lasts. :-)

  2. Ahh what a sweet memory, I've always wanted to live on a tree lined street (lots and lots of mature trees) just to experience fall in real way....sadly the eaves don't change or fall that much in California

  3. So pretty and what a great memory.
    I can't think of any memory to share right now :(


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