Goodbye Summer

And hello fall! I hope you all had a lovely Labor Day weekend. My family came to town and we had a blast! We partied, rode bulls, laughed, caught up and ate some delicious barbecue. It was so great seeing family I haven't seen in years. And with the passing of Labor Day we graciously usher in fall. Fall is by far my favorite season.

Before I head into my attic and pull out my fall decor and plant mums and pansies, I want to show you my summer entryway. I am not one to decorate for holidays (except Christmas) but I do decorate for the seasons. I add only a few touches of the season to my normal decor, very subtle changes, like a new throw pillow or rearrangement.

My Summer Entryway
The painting was done by my 5 year old son in pre-school last year. I absolutely adore it! We added two new baskets to keep my throw blankets and extra pillows in. The blown glass knobs are a new addition to the console table, I love that you can see the bubbles in them. Are you ready for fall? I am! See ya soon!


  1. Isn't it hard to get rid of summer decor? I haven't yet, and I'll bet you'll miss that cook painting your son made & that colorful pillow. :-)

  2. I was just going to say "Where did you get that painting?" because it is so cool. You son got some mad skilzzz ;)

  3. Your summer entry looks good! Would love to see more of your living room :) & I love your sons painting, kids artwork is the best!

    1. Thanks Katrina! I just love to see kids artwork, it's so special!

  4. Yeah its time to plant those mums and pansies. I love the painting as well:)


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