Inspirational Wednesday - Listen

When we listen and I mean truly listen to our kids they feel like they matter, like they are equally important. Listen with your eyes! That basically means to focus on your child, look them in their face, get eye level with them. I try to give my kids my undivided attention so that they can tell me about anything from how they may be feeling about a particular matter to what type of bug they saw outside. It all matters!

I know there may be some topics my kids will not want to discuss with me but I like to think that always being there for them to tell me "the small things" that they will know I am there for the big ones as well.

We parents, we are not perfect. We are learning right alongside our children. I don't always have the answers but I do know how to listen. Most times that is all my daughter wants from me, no answers, no solutions, just to listen.

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  1. So true Darnetha! We should always try to remember that. :-)

  2. Darnetha...I believe the same as you...!!! I love listening to our kids. They have the most exciting adventures. As an adult the adventures of life are somewhat crowded with laborious repetition. Therefore, I look forward to their energetic conversations.

  3. Just found your blog, it's lovely!

  4. That's true and the little ones have a lot to say:)


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