Inspirational Wednesday - Live Simply

At the beginning of the year I set my one word resolution as happiness. I even started reading The Happiness Project and started on my journey to happiness. For the first couple of months I embraced the books goals as my own but quickly realized that I needed to embrace my own.

I had to look at my own life and determine what it would take to help me achieve pure happiness. For a while now I have been drawn to another word that I think is the key to my happiness. Simplify! We all tend to over-complicate our lives sometimes and I am no stranger to this fact.

So my mission for the rest of this year is to live simply! I will try my best to simplify things in every facet of my life even my home. I have noticed that I am my happiest when my house is in order and the visual clutter is to a minimal, so I will be joining Camel on her 31 days of decrapification mission for the month of October. I will be posting my updates over on instagram if you want to check in on my progress.

My home is just a start to my live simply journey. Our homes are a big part of all our lives. What ways have you taken to live simply? See ya soon!

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  1. In order to live simply in my life I have made an effort to walk, run, jump, sleep, love, laugh, and accept living as it is...transient yet full of optimism

  2. Carmel's decrapification sounds like a great idea because I agree that visual clutter makes me unhappy too. Good luck! Have a great weekend

  3. Such a great sentiment. I'm on board with the visual clutter, but also mental clutter. I need to write things down and keep track of the important things on paper.


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