The Bridge

Happy October! I hope your weekend was lovely. The weather here was fantastic and I got to rest this weekend. I also got a lot done on the homefront, I am in the process of clearing out a lot of unnecessary clutter from our lives and our home.

By the soccer fields, where my son plays, is this bridge. Last year while his brother practiced, my baby son and I loved to walk across this bridge and see all the pretty horses on the other side. We had a funny little conversation about one particular horse last year that still cracks me up!

We haven't been across that bridge in a long time so yesterday evening while big brother was practicing we traveled across it again to see if the pretty horses were out. We took big sister with us this time. This is our little journey!
I love how the sun just kisses the tops of the trees as it prepares to set! Absolutely beautiful!

It was while looking across the water my daughter spotted a school of catfish. It was extremely unusual to us to see such a sight. They were all in a type of formation but not moving. Just still in the water. Every once in a while one would move its fin or turn but they just waited in that spot. We just stood there watching them, perplexed.
There were about 50 of them in this one spot and they were pretty big fish.

The horses were out but not in the field closes to us. I took out my 75-300 mm in hopes to get a few shots of them grazing. I could not get close as I would have liked but I enjoyed snapping a few pictures anyway.
At first I did not like the power lines in the photo but it does remind you that we are not in the country but in the middle of a busy city. Just past the treeline is a gaggle of houses in a subdivision. I like that word gaggle!
Do you take little walks? Do you ever just look around and admire this beautiful world? Or better yet do you know what on earth those fish were up to? Do tell! See ya soon!


  1. Such a perfect day and your photos truly capture some of the essence of the place! Beautiful! And yes, I like short walks. Gorgeous, cool and with my boys is a perfect walk for me. :-)

  2. such a pretty spot right in the middle of the city, I love finding unexpected places like that. I love taking evening walks with my family and then spending time at the park before heading back home

    1. Thanks Katrina! It is so much fun taking little walks and discovery something new. We use to take Saturday morning walks when the kids were little. We haven't done that in a long time.

  3. I love your pictures. I remember when my daughter played soccer when she was little it was hard to keep my son occupied. It's nice that you have such beauty a short walk away.


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