Thankful Thursday - Laughter

I got a phone call today that had me in stitches. A mother of one of my son's friends called to RSVP to a party. I looked blankly at the phone, puzzled. "What party?" I asked. She went on to explain that she had a homemade invite to my son's camping party this weekend and wanted to RSVP.

News to me...this was the first I had heard of us throwing a party and this weekend. We both busted out laughing. Fast forward a month ago, my son asked about a camping party. I explained that it was too raining and cold and that was that. Well, I guess not. He took it upon himself to make invites and pass them along to all his buddies.

I couldn't stop laughing. This was just too cute! The mom said she would give me the invitation to keep for memories. The party was to start at 10 pm and it had a hand drawn tent with a fire.

See I needed that laugh, it came at a time when I was in much stress over a situation that had transpired earlier. Laughter is a powerful thing and for that I am grateful. It completely changed my mood and the day got a lot brighter.

I guess now I will most defiantly be planning a party for my boy this spring before it gets hot for him and his best buds! What are you thankful for today? See ya soon!


  1. LOL, that is too cute! What a little party planner!
    I love to laugh! Have a great weekend.

  2. Oh my goodness, that is so cute!

  3. hahaha! Your young man is taking matters into his own hands in a good way!!!!!


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