Thankful Thursday - Togetherness

Happy Thanksgiving
Sweet Potato Pie
I am thankful for so many things. Each Thursday for the month of November I expounded on what I was thankful for that day, which included the quiet, found keys and laughter.  Today I am thankful for togetherness. We use this day to surround ourselves with family and friends to reflect on what we are most thankful for and to dine together.

This year we spent Thanksgiving at home with my four most cherished people on this earth. I could not have chose a better bunch of people to call mine and I love sharing my one precious life with them. We also had a friend that is away from her hometown come over and my cousins. It was sweet! We cooked and laughed all day.

One thing we do each year before we eat is to have each person share their thanks. My daughter was thankful for her family, food, teachers, music and escalators. My oldest son was thankful for family, food and games. My baby, he was thankful for stores! My husband, all he every whats is for us to be happy, if that means running around in the bitter cold of the night valeting, he will do it. He was thankful for us.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! See ya soon!


  1. This is a wonderful tradition! This year after dinner we all went around and said why we were thankful for each person. There wasn't a dry eye in the room. Even my tough-guy hubby was all misty eyed! Glad you had a lovely holiday. Your pie looks gorgeous.

  2. Glad you had a great thanksgiving. Wonderful things to be thankful for.


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