52-Week Money Challenge

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Could you use an extra $1300 in 2014? I thought you could! Join me in taking the 52-Week Money Challenge. My dad sent this challenge to me in December so as a family we could all save some much needed money. I made a printable worksheet for you all who want to take this challenge with me.
There are two ways to approach this money challenge. You can choose to do the sequential approach or the reverse sequential. Here's the break down:

Sequential | You save the amount of money for each week of the year. So basically on week one, this week, you save a $1, on week two you save $2, on week three you save $3 and so on and so forth. By the end of the year on week fifty-two you will save $52 and have a total savings of $1,378. Awesomesauce!

Reverse Sequential | If you deem it harder to save larger sums of money during the holiday season you can try this method of going backwards. On week one you will save $52, on week two you will save $51, on week three you will save $50. Your weekly savings amounts are being reduced as the year draws on instead of increasing like the first method. 

Depending on your financial situation, either method is a sure way of squirreling away some cash. If you have a hard time saving, you might want to consider the sequential method. It allows you to get use to the fact of saving a small amount of money so when you get to the larger amounts you would have become use the concept and able to follow through.

So who's with me? It doesn't matter if you are saving just to increase your bank account or for a much needed vaca, as long as you are saving my friends. Feel free it grab a printable. See ya soon and save on!

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  1. Im doing it as well! I look forward seeing those duckets at the end of the year:)

  2. I'm doing it and I told my sister to join in too! Thanks for sharing.


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