Home Goals: Lets See How I Did

Happy Frozen Monday! It is 6 degrees here but feels like minus 13. Baby it's cold outside. I know a lot of people were hit by this winter storm so stay warm my friends. Lets get into today's post shall we.

Last year was the first year I set down and wrote out a list of home improvements that I wanted to achieve around de casa. I am now a proverbial list taker and this proved to be a great way to keep me on track of my 2013 home goals. Lets see how I did!

One | Lighten Up the Living Room | Check!
I added a fresh coat of paint to tone down the walls in the living room. For visual interest, I changed the look of my entry way for each season and added new pillows. I will do a separate post of my entry way through the seasons soon. I also rearranged my pictures and artwork and added a new gallery wall.
Two | Build a Garden | Check!
I built a raised planter bed for my vegetables and herbs over the summer. This was the first time I had ever built something that wasn't pre-made with a set of instructions. My fall garden was a total fail but I am looking forward to spring and the growing season.
Three | Hello Teen | Check!
To celebrate my daughters entrance into to teendom I wanted to upgrade her bedroom. We only wanted to focus on the bed and bedding last year. We also added some cute pig art. There is still so many decisions to be made and completed to finish this space.
Four | Porch | Check!
Our back porch received some much needed love last year. I added a new outdoor rug, colorful cushions and pillows, hung curtains and created a made in the shade planter that thrived until late fall. My porch was also listed as one of eighteen perfect porches to sip lemonade from! Which is a true fact!
Five | Build a Bookcase | Fail
I wouldn't say it was a complete fail but rather a change of mind! I wanted to add either a custom or prefab bookcase to my living room. I went as far as purchasing one from Target, got it home, put it together and took it back. I just did not like it, many of my instagram friends told me to keep it. I haven't completely thrown the idea out the window of adding a bookcase but I am not entirely sure, we will see.
Its nice to take a look back and see that I actually accomplished most of what I set out to do for my home. I will be back next week with my new list of home goals for 2014. Do you set home goals? I would love to hear what you all are planning on doing to your homes this year. See ya soon!

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  1. You should be mighty proud Darnetha, and honestly store-bought bookcases are pretty well-made and looks good too, so I think you made the right choice. :-)

  2. So great to see how much you accomplished!

  3. One thing I love about blogging is being able to look back at all the projects completed and see progress!! I loved your garden bed projects and your pretty gallery wall, looking forward to seeing this years projects!

  4. I love your style! Looks like it was a good year in your house!


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