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Happy Martin Luther King Day! It has been awhile since my last post. I didn't plan on that but it has been quite a stressful and busy couple of weeks. I will not get into that but I did let you in on a piece of it over on instagram.

I have several home improvement projects that I want to complete this year. They are not too ambitious but just what our little home needs. We as a family decided to focus on less this year so we can get much of our finances in check and put money back into our savings. So you won't see too many projects aside from the ones listed below this year. I plan on attacking each project with care and try to keep cost down to a minimal.

CS Home Goals 2013

one | command central - we are in need of a command center in our house that is also a landing zone for coats. I can't tell you enough how critical this is, since winter kicked in. I am also focused on the functionality of my home and I need a place for our family calender, baskets for mail, bulletin board and chore charts.
two | kitchen - the kitchen is far from happening but I want to get the ball rolling in the right direction. We want to remove an entire wall that is separating the kitchen from the living room, so we need to call in a contractor to make sure it is not load bearing. I will also be calling on my blog friend Katrina to help with my layout, so I plan on sharing our plan sometime this year.

three | hello teen library - we need to close the book on my daughters hello teen room. There are a lot of little things left undone, among the largest is her library wall. I saw this book shelf and thought that would be perfect until I saw the price. Any suggestions on achieving this look?
four | organize shed - our shed is in need of some organization. I hate going in there to get anything. I have to climb over the lawn mower and bikes to get to the chairs or shovels and that needs to stop. 

five | fence - we have to pressure wash and stain our fence. It is starting to get that weathered look. We have done all our homework on how to stain it properly and we have also picked a color, which wasn't easy. Now all we have to do is stain the dang fence.

six | paint concrete - we need to paint our front and back porches. The concrete was painted before and the paint is now worn and peeling. Not a good look. We have also done all the homework on this project as well and picked our colors but have yet to bust out the paint supplies.

seven | front porch - our porch columns have been an on-going saga. I polled my family and my instagram followers on which column to pick and we were all unanimous on the choice. I haven't loosened the purse strings enough to even complete this project. I found another porch to crush on and now I want to do something totally different.
It's a lot of smallish projects that will pack a lot of punch. Most of the projects will have to wait for warmer weather and I am anxious to get these marked off the list. Who whats to come stain my fence? Any takers? See ya soon!

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  1. That's a lot! But I know you can accomplish all of it! As for the shelf I just use store-bought ones and Centsational girl did one that looked like built-ins, I think that will be easier. If you really want this look, I think you should use industrial pipes so that it will be sturdy. Good luck!

  2. Great list. Staining our fence is on my list too, well has been for the past 5 years and I keep slacking because it is so boring :(

  3. I love your list!! I'm all for making a home work better for your family and I'd love to help you with layout ideas for your kitchen!! I'm sure your going to love have your kitchen & dining room open to each other :)

    I loved those CB2 shelves too, so pretty and compact and clean!!! Do you think you and the Mr. Could build similar wood shelves for you daughters room, or consider the VITTSJO from Ikea and paint it white and replace the glass with wood? It says you con buy online but now sure crazy the shipping would be.

    And your front porch inspiration is perfection!! In Love!!

    1. It is going to be one happy day when we can actually open up that wall! I might have to do a happy dance! I definitely like the VITTSJO idea with the wood shelves. That would look great in her room painted white. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Good luck working through your list! All of you ideas seem do-able! We have a bunch of outdoor stuff that I want to get done before the mosquitoes make an appearance.

  5. What a great list of goals! Visiting from mom it forward bloggers group. :) You have a lovely blog.



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