Inspirational Wednesday - One Word 2014

For these past few weeks I've been reflecting on my life and the direction I want it to go in. I don't set resolutions for I tend to break those rather quickly, instead I choose one word to work toward all year round. This word I would imply to every facet of my life. It is not something that can easily be broken but rather a state of mind I'll be working on.


As the new year drew closer, I pondered what my one word might be. You see, I like to think that my one word will choose me, so I don't force it. One evening my husband and I were having one of our epic discussions. My husband is a debater at heart so we can get really deep into any subject. Well, he quickly grabbed the computer and said he had to read this excerpt to me. I sat for a long time after he read it, pondering what I just had heard.

This impacted me in a way I just can't explain and just like that my word had chosen me.
For 2014, my one word will be MOVE
I am tired of being stagnant. Allowing life and opportunities to pass me by, leaving me unchanged and unmoved. This is my year to MOVE, to accomplish, more than just what I want for my home but for what I want for me, my family and our way of life.

MOVE is an action verb and sitting stationary like a motionless pond will no longer be me. I have a dream of owning my own business, a dream I have had for the longest of time, but have done nothing to move in that direction. I need to get fit, not to simply lose weight but to be healthy. I want to do a half marathon this year! I also have some big plans for this little ole' blog of mine.

This year I will be on my grind! How about you, do you choose the one word method to resolutions? If so, what is your one word for 2014? Do tell! See ya soon!

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  1. Ha, that quote was meant for my hubby. I tell him something similar all the time!

  2. Great advice! Pinning. Found you at mom it forward. My daughter has your light fixture at her new house! I love it:)


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