Hello Teen Room: Shine Bright Like A Diamond

One day we were browsing the isles of  Lowes, not looking for anything in particular, just killing time. Do you do that as well? I do that a lot and usually it results in unintended purchases. Any who, my daughter and I wondered into the lighting section and saw the most perfect light fixture for her room and the price wasn't too shabby either.
We had been looking for a while for a light fixture to replace her fan, that squeaked. With all our looking we determined that she liked more of a contemporary fixture. So this was a happy accident that we stumbled upon.

This fixture is contemporary with a flare of whimsy. We chose the semi-flush mount, as opposed to the pendent, because the height of her bed. It compliments her room nicely.
 Since we all love a good before and after shot. Here ya go! You're welcome!
This was one of those lighting kits that had to be put together. There were 50 pieces that had to be assembled. I had it put together in no time flat, like 10 minutes and the instructions were easy to follow.

This is one room that is hard to photograph but with 3 lamps I think I pulled it off! We still have a lot to do before we can call this room done but we are now one step closer.

How was your weekend? Did you enjoy Bruno Mars during the half-time show? He did his thang on those drums! See ya soon!
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  1. I totally missed the 1/2 time show, I was enjoying the an empty Target :) The light looks so pretty! I love that style, very fun :)

    1. We went to the mall yesterday and it was nice and empty, ♥ when that rare occurrence happens. Bruno was fantastic and worth me watching that horrible game.

  2. Looks perfect Darnetha!!!! The only down-side to this pretty flower is the cleaning, but I don't think it will gather much dust anyway! Love it!

  3. Love the light fixture. Looks so pretty and is such a fun statement piece.

  4. I love it too! It fits perfectly in her room!


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