Army Birthday Party

We just celebrated our youngest sons 6th birthday a couple of weeks ago. This year he requested an army party. He loves all things military from his camo clothes to his little green men you can find all over the house.

He wanted his picture on the invites, army men and his name on the cake, goodie bags with candy and a fun filled afternoon with his best buds. Simple enough!

We decided to have a theater party. It's rough celebrating a birthday during the cold months, cause you can't have my favorite type of party, the backyard party. So the expensive theater it was. He invited 5 of his best buds to celebrate with.

We went to see The Nut Job, which was a really cute movie. My favorite was Grayson, that squirrel cracked me up! They enjoyed popcorn and soda during the movie and pizza and cake afterwards. The kids loved the credits the most, if you saw the movie then you know why. That is what they talked about most when they got back to school! Kids!

They really did have a blast, they laughed way too loud and yelled at the screen, good thing we were basically the only ones there. They ran around the bottom lobby like crazed monsters but they are six and we were the only ones down there. Hopefully!

The Invite
I don't know what you've been told but my baby turned six years old! Sound off! One, Two! Brings back those JROTC days. I made his invitations using the free online photo editing service PicMonkey.
The Cake
The cake was my famous old fashion lemon buttermilk pound cake and buttercream icing. It is covered in green marshmallow fondant. This was my first time making this type of fondant and it was really good. I got the chalkboard name bunting printable from here.
The Goodie Bags
I added this cute tag to his goodie bags. Through all the party chaos I forgot to take a picture of the goodie bags. I used a small 1-lb brown paper sack that included 8 green army men and candy. 
Have you planned a party lately? Do you like to go all out or keep things simple? See ya soon!

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  1. So cute! I know he loved every minute of it. You did a great job on the cake too!

  2. The party sounds so adorable!! And the invite so cute! I was totally repeating the words in my best drill Sargent voice! and way to go on the cake looks fantastic!

  3. So so adorable. And he looks so serious and into it. Love the cake too!

  4. Fabulous!!!!!! The invite is so cool!

  5. This is so cute! Happy birthday to your son. It looks like he had a blast! Love the cake!


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