Inspirational Wednesday - Because He Lives

Because He Lives! This hymn brings back many memories of Easter Sunday. All my life my parents took me to church. On Easter I would get a new dress, shiny shoes, my hair done all up in curls and a big basket full of delicious treats. We would sit in church all done up pretty and listen to the life of our Savior, how he died and how he rose on the 3rd day. As an adult, I do much of the same. I host a egg hunt, plan a big basket for my kids, dye eggs, buy new outfits and go to church.

I love all the traditions we create together and part of that is to teach my children about Christ. Easter or as we like to call it Resurrection Day is a day to remember that Jesus paid it all. And all to Him we owe.

This year my daughter and I have a movie date to watch The Passion of the Christ. When I first saw it, I was taken aback and brought to tears. How could he have willingly done that for us? Us. For me it gave me a deeper appreciation. See ya soon!

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