Our Annual Easter Egg Hunt 2014

Hello Sunshine! We had such a lovely weekend, the weather was absolutely beautiful. A perfect weekend to host our 3rd annual Easter Egg Hunt. Many of our family and friends came out to celebrate with us. The kids always have a blast and leave with tons of candy. It's so funny that the ladies hung out on the back porch, the men around the grill and the kids were divided between my sons room and the trampoline.
The Invite :: I usually use our local paper store but I found these cute invites on etsy and had to order. They turned out great. I love the bunny and the soft pastel colors.
We had so many eggs. It took longer to put them out than the kids to gather them all up. We had about 460 eggs. Wow! Like I said everyone left with plenty of candy! Our friends son found our prize egg and won a 2-lb solid chocolate bunny. Lets talk about a sugar high. To the parents, you are welcome! Lol!
The Menu :: Barbecue Chicken | Bake Beans | Kicked-up Cole Slaw | Cheesecake with a Cherry Topping | Sweet Tea

My friend made the most delicious cheesecake for us and everybody raved over it. It was very creamy and delectable. I will probably have to make my bake beans from here on out. People would walk up and ask, "Did you make your world's famous bake beans!" Um, yeah! It does make you feel good when people tell you your food is the bomb dot com. Many of our friends brought candy in to help fill the eggs and I want to say thank you!
I must share that for the first time in my life I was stung by something. I was sitting there on the porch talking with the ladies when a rude insect stung me under my armpit. The consensuses is that the culprit was a sweat bee. It hurt so bad, let me tell you. Besides my new found nemesis everything went on without a hitch and I'm glad everyone had a fun time.

Did you attend an egg hunt this weekend? What is your favorite candy this time of year? Mine is the infamous Cadbury Egg. See ya soon!

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  1. So fun, D! Glad everyone had a great time. Ouch to your bee sting. Hope you're feeling better.

  2. Ouch! Under the armpit!
    The rest looks like fun though! We just had our neighborhood egg hunt last night too

  3. The party looks like so much fun and I love your huge backyard!! All the pretty grass :) Yikes about the bee sting!

  4. Oh my, what fun and what a huge yard you have Darnetha! Love the invites too!


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