Birthday Wish List

Hello Sunshine! This week is a special one. I will be celebrating my birthday and CS will turn two years old! Exciting! Here's a list of items I would absolutely love to have for my birthday or any day for that matter. A girl can dream a little!
Birthday Wish List | ChippaSunshine

Love this shirt dress, it would be a perfect addition to my closet for Fall and with a pair of leggings I could even wear it well into the winter. This runners belt would be nice for my half marathon training. The race is in April 2015. Last Christmas I received a Pandora bracelet and this charm speaks volumes to the season I am in.

During the Labor Day holiday I took advantage of a sale and purchased the digital book of The Nesting Place. I started reading it today and can't put it down. I know I would love to have it in a hard copy. I've been eyeing this cleansing brush for a while. It's expensive but I hear great things about it.

Dr.Jay has a date night planned for me and the kids plan on getting me a big box of my favorite candy! See ya soon.

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  1. Hope you get everything for your birthday that you are wishing for!
    Love the dress. I have the facial brush but don't really like it :(

  2. Big j gonna get you all that stuff gul

  3. Happy Birthday sweetie, loving your birthday wish list. The dress would look so cute on you in either color!

    1. Thank ya Katrina! I'm thinking I really need that dress in both colors! I hope Jay is reading this. Lol!


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