The Story Behind Our Name

Today CS turns two and in honor of today I wanted to share with you how the name ChippaSunshine came about. I've been asked many times what it means and basically CS is from a song my husband use to sing to our baby.

He has made up something for each one of our kids that is especially unique to them. Our daughter he wrote a song for her that he played the guitar to called Butterfly My Way and for our oldest son he wrote a book for him titled Daddy and Me.

My husband and I are known for our silly little songs we tend to only make up in the mornings. You should here my wake up song I annoyingly sing to the kids to get ready for school. 

This is the song ChippaMonkey that ultimately lead to my blog name simply based on all the laughs and smiles it caused on so many mornings not too long ago. In my husbands own words he tells how he came up with it and why.

“Chippamonkey, ChippaSunshine, Chippa all the time, Chippa hello, Chippa today and not tomorrow…”

When I was young my mother would share beautiful songs and stories with me before I went to school. Some of them were made up others were world renown nursery rhymes and stories such as Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby or what have you. 

This was a song I made up for my littlest son during morning preparations. He was so happy and chipper all the time…smiling and drooling all over the place. It seemed as though every little thing about living made him excited. 

Although I’m no Luther Vandross he loved me performing it for him. The song was modeled after Lupe Fiasco’s song entitled Hello Goodbye from his second studio album The Cool. ChippaSunshine is cool, confident, happy, creative, and always shining baby.

Thank you! I am so grateful that you hang out with me and share in my thoughts and progress.
See ya soon!

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  1. Awww, that's such a sweet story. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. congrats and what a sweet story of your name :) Love that! xoxo

  3. That's so sweet and the name is so you, I can just hear your cute voice right now saying this exact words!! Loved this

  4. So sweet. I love making up songs for my little guy. Very cool learning about your blog name.

  5. Love the meaning behind your blog name. I remember you and your husband telling me about its meaning when you guys came to Atlanta.

  6. Happy Blog Anniversary, Darnetha! Congrats on a wonderful blog that is only 2 years old! What a great story about how you came up with your name - very sweet.

  7. I love this! Super sweet.

    So, you're saying I'm not the only who makes up songs, I have an annoying song for the kids to get out of bed, they've inherited my song-making skills :) Happy Anniversary!

  8. I loved hearing the story behind your blog. Thanks for sharing! Also, happy blogiversary!

  9. Happy blogbirthday. My mom always likes signing silly songs too. Some of them drove me nuts as a kid but I love thinking about them now. Love your story.


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