Cheekwood Harvest Field Trip

One thing I love to do with my children is accompany them on their field trips. I try to go to all of them. A couple of weeks ago I went with my littlest on his first grade harvest field trip.

We went to a botanical garden and museum of art. I had never been and therefore took way too many pictures. I am not one to post a ton of pictures on a post but be warned this post is picture heavy.

Everything was so beautiful. The many gardens they offered were all beautiful and you could get lost in the many varieties of flowers, waterfalls and structures.

Robertson Ellis Color Garden
Japanese Garden
Robertson Family Water Garden
The Scarecrows
We went to see all the scarecrows that were on display. Each scarecrow was sponsored and created by a different civic group, community organization or school.

No two were alike and they covered a large array of things. Some scary, some influenced by technology, some large, some small, some cute and some down right weird, but they all were fun.
 Frankenstein | Creative Crow | Zombie
 Corn on the Cob | Scaredy Pants | Olaf
Robot Lego | Minecraft Enderman | Mr. Snowflakes

The boys loved the Lego robot and they all  huddled around the minecraft enderman and talked about how cool he was. Boys! Mr. Snowflakes was built by a little girl in my sons class brother, so he was extra special. The whole class took a picture by him to send to her brother.
Frida Kahlo Crow

This scarecrow was my favorite. The attention to detail, the beautiful array of colors, the materials used were all fantastic and made everyone stop that saw her. Gorgeous!

The Stickhouse
The kids had a blast running in and out of the stickhouse. I have no idea how they built this. It was amazing.

The Pumpkin Patch

The Walden Treehouse
I wish the kids could have seen this treehouse. The stairwell was stunning and my favorite part, a little wobbly though.

I had a blast with my sons first grade class on this trip. I hope they plan more! Have you been on a trip with your kids class lately? Were did you go? See ya soon!

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  1. Gorgeous pictures. It looks like you guys had such a great time.

  2. First of all, could your son be any cuter?!?! Seriously, Darnetha, how'd you get so lucky! He is a doll. Your photos are gorgeous, too! It looks like a beautiful place to visit. I love botanical gardens - so pretty! Have a great weekend!
    Alissa xoxo

  3. Such a fun place to visit. And I love the picture of you and your son- framer!!!!


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