Lets Get Organized : Dresser Drawers

Hello Sunshine! Welcome to week two of 'Lets Get Organized.' Last week we tackled the bathroom and master closet. Your task this week is to clean and organize your dresser drawers. Focus on at least one drawer a day.

Follow a few simple steps and you'll have a clean and organized drawer in 15 minutes or less. If you have been following me all last week then you know the drill but for my new readers here are my 4 simple steps to get anything organized:

  1. Empty | Remove everything out of your drawer
  2. Clean | Wipe entire drawer clean
  3. Sort & Purge | Go through each and every item, sort into categories - KEEP, DONATE, REPAIR, RELOCATE, TOSS
  4. Organize | Evaluate your storage solutions, fold clothes and put things back
When going through a drawer you should ask yourself a few quick questions for each item to help you determine what category it falls in:

  • Does this belong in my drawer? Drawers are often culprits for corralling junk. I had paper that should be filed, my kids school picture packages, confiscated toys. You name it, I had it entangled within my clothes. Those things did not belong and I had to remove them and put them in their proper homes or create a home for them.
  • When was the last time I wore this? Typically if you haven't worn it in a years time it should be donated.
  • Does this still fit properly? If you cannot fit it, donate it or sell it to a consignment shop.
  • Do I still love this item? Some items you just don't like anymore, they may be out of date or simply your style may have changed.
  • Is the item damaged in anyway? If you can repair your item yourself, set aside some time to fix it. If it needs professional repair, first ask yourself if its worth it. Sometimes you can buy a new item cheaper than repairing it. Do not put the damaged item back in your closet, you may forget about it and you only want wearable clothes to go back in your closet.
5 Tips to make your drawers feel organized:
  1. Like items together | Store like items together in the same drawer or section of the drawer
  2. File your shirts | If you have a ton of t-shirts try filing them. To learn how to do this check out this site here
  3. Use containers and dividers
  4. Line the bottom of your drawer with colorful contact paper
  5. Keep your drawer smelling fresh by adding a lavender sachet. Learn how to make your own here
I went through my top drawer this weekend and got rid of all the clutter I had been throwing in there. I put my like items together and now its nice and neat. It feels good to open that drawer and know that everything is in its place and I don't have to shift through junk to find a pair of socks.

Join me this week as we tackle our dressers. One drawer a day and your time commitment is only 15 minutes or less. We all have at least 15 minutes to become a more organized you. Remember to post your pictures on instagram using @chippasunshine and #csletsgetorganized. See ya soon!

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  1. This is one I can do, and been needing to do! Thank you for the push my friend! I'll be working on some drawers this evening!

  2. I have a few drawers that need to be organized. Thanks for the play by play!

  3. I love that blue drawer paper in the drawer. Such great tips too

  4. Great tips! I really need to organize some of my drawers, so your tips are going to come in handy!


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