Paint Dipped Basket

Happy weekend! All week I have been talking about organizing. We cleaned our way through the bathroom and ended a good week with the master closet. If you missed anything check out my introduction post and catch all the details and links there.
Today I wanted to share an easy tutorial with you. I took an old basket and gave it a paint dipped look by painting the lower half white. I also painted the handles to add a bit more interest.

You may remember it from the tiny area behind my front door that we simply decorated through compromise. Sure I could have plopped the basket down and be done but next to my TV console it would get visually lost in the sea of brown.
Its fresh coat of paint makes it pop and stand out from its surrounding. We have named it the library basket and use it daily.

We go to the library once a week and load up on a weeks worth of books. When we get home we put all our books in the little basket by the door. I read two books a night to my littlest and a few times a week I read a chapter out of a book to the whole crew.

We just finished Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingells Wilder and we just started on The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum. Did you know the wicked witch of the west slippers were silver?!

When we complete a book out of the basket we put it in our library bag to be taken back. When the basket is empty we know its time to head back to the library for more. This system has proven itself to be very effective. My littlest knows every night to grab his choice of books out the basket so we can read together.
This project costed me nothing. I already owned the basket and used some leftover paint from another project. You can give an old basket new life with a fresh coat of paint this weekend. 

Have you ever paint dipped anything in your home before? See ya soon!


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  1. Very pretty! I love that whole set up!

  2. I shared two of your posts on Twitter today. My twitter handle is @tinarobmorley if you want to see the Tweets. Tina from Amanda's Books and More
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