Lets Get Organized : Master Bedroom Closet

Welcome back to the Lets Get Organized daily task. Today we will tackle our master bedroom closet. My husband and I have separate closet spaces so I selected to clean out the 'Her' side today and over the weekend my husband will follow the steps and tips listed here to get his side done.

I usually keep my closet just so and very organized but lately I have been just putting things back in without using my usual method. It is a little disorganized but not too bad, a good candidate for a quick clean.

A year ago I did a big overhaul of my closet. I removed all the clutter that I was storing at the top of my closet to make way for a closet makeover that never happened. So my closet shelf is pretty bare these days.

Lets go over the basic steps to clean and organize any closet:

  1. Empty | Remove items
  2. Clean | Wipe down walls and shelves
  3. Sort & Purge | Go through each and every item in your closet. Sort into these categories - KEEP, DONATE|SALE, REPAIR, TRASH, RELOCATE.
  4. Organize | Evaluate your storage solutions and put things back

When going through a closet you should ask yourself a few quick questions for each item to help you determine what category it falls in:

  • When was the last time I wore this? Typically if you haven't worn it in a years time it should be donated.
  • Does this still fit properly? If you cannot fit it, donate it or sell it to a consignment shop.
  • Do I still love this item? Some items you just don't like anymore, they may be out of date or simply your style may have changed.
  • Is the item damaged in anyway? If you can repair your item yourself, set aside some time to fix it. If it needs professional repair, first ask yourself if its worth it. Sometimes you can buy a new item cheaper than repairing it. Do not put the damaged item back in your closet, you may forget about it and you only want wearable clothes to go back in your closet.

Tips to make your space look organized:
  • Coordinate hangers for a clean look
  • Hang like items together: long sleeve shirts with long sleeve shirts, dresses with dresses
  • Color coordinate your clothes, this makes things easier to find and looks good

I went through all my clothes and shoes and I am happy to say I purged a huge bagful of items from my closet. It feels good! I will be taking my bag of clothes and shoes to a consignment shop today and just maybe get a few dollars for things I cannot fit or like anymore. Everything else will be donated.

The entire process took me about 30 minutes. I did not add any storage boxes or buy anything new. I simply organized my space with a good purge and cleaning.

Will you be tackling your closet today? I will be taking a organizing break this weekend and we will pick up where we left off this coming Monday. Remember to post your pictures on instagram using @chippasunshine and #csletsgetorganized. See ya soon!

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  1. So many good tips, my closet is a hot mess! lol - It totally needs help, we moved back in out home and haven't had time to really pull that space together! But really need too and I'll for sure apply your tips!

    1. Lol, Katrina, I don't believe that not one bit! I need photo proof!

  2. Well done. My closet will take 5 days to organize :-)

    1. Lol! You do have a room sized closet. Just take it one day at a time for 15 to 30 minutes a day. You don't want to overwhelm yourself.

  3. Awesome job, I spied the Haven bag right away ;) I'm sorta working on my walk-in right now too.

  4. These are good tips! I need to get my closet together asap!

  5. Love this , very organised.




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