Lets Get Organized : Under the Bathroom Sink

Welcome back to the Lets Get Organized daily task. We are continuing our efforts in the bathroom and today we will be organizing the sink area.
Follow the same 4 simple steps, that we used in organizing the medicine cabinet, to get your cabinet clean and organized in 15 minutes or less.
  1. Empty
  2. Clean
  3. Sort & Purge
  4. Organize
My cabinet had been overlooked from my daily cleaning for sometime. It had gotten out of control. We would use what we needed and toss it back in without giving it a second thought.

When I decided to do this challenge and opened that cabinet door I knew I had to reevaluate our storage solutions. My hair basket was entirely too long and prevented me from storing much needed items.

I remembered a brilliant idea, I had seen somewhere across blogland, of hanging your curling irons by hooks. I simply hung three clear command mini hooks near the top of the cabinet for my flat iron, curling iron and blow dryer to hang from out of the way.
That simple change made it possible for me to get a smaller bin for my hair related items. I don't use many hair products so my bin is quite small. It holds my combs, brushes, hair ties, bobby pins and coconut oil. I went ahead and changed my husbands basket to a clear bin as well, that holds his clippers.

We added a couple of baskets to hold extra tissue and a few other products we don't regularly use. You may have noticed that we don't keep any cleaning supplies under the bathroom sink. If you are wondering we keep all cleaning supplies under the kitchen sink and that may change when we finally get the laundry room finished.

This is not the most prettiest space but it is, now, functional and organized! If you know of a etsy shop or if you, my readers, have a Silhouette, I would love to add a label to the front of our clear boxes in a bright color and cursive font.

Tomorrow your task is the master closet. Remember to post your progress pics on instagram using @chippasunshine and #csletsgetorganized. See ya soon!

Looking for something? Check out the products I used below:

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