Green Envy

Hello Sunshine! For the last couple of months I have had a major crush on the color green. And not just any green but emerald. A deep but yet bright and vibrant color. I want to incorporate it into my living room through curtains. I have white curtains to the windows now and they are doing nothing for me.

I want something dramatic and bold yet earthy and fresh. I have a lot of neutrals in the space and emerald stands out against neutrals. 

Curtains, like paint, are a great way to change the feel of a room. I am leaning towards a solid drape but I have run across some fantastic prints. I can't seem to find a deep enough green drape in the length I need that's pre-made and in my price range. So I am planning or should I say willing to make a set of lined drapes for our living room.

I have a few projects to finish up before I can start this but in the meantime, for your viewing pleasure, here are some loving spaces that have embodied green curtains:

See ya soon!

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  1. I have pinned most of these images myself and totally in love with the 6th image the most!!!! Happy New Year Darnetha!

  2. I love the first image the most!! They're all gorgeous rooms though! Looking forward to see how you incorporate this color into your home.

  3. NICE! I love the way green and gold looks.


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