What's Under Your Rugs?

When we purchased our home almost seven years ago, it was our first time having hardwoods throughout. It was love at first sight when we saw our now 67 year old floors. As beautiful as they are, even with its many scratches and grooves, they could become really cold, especially in the winter.

We started to fill our place with warmth underfoot through rugs, then a new issue arose. They slipped and sled across the floor when the wild things, our boys, came running through. Playing Star Wars with their light sabers in hand or soccer in the hallway or my husband working out in the living room.

We tried to fix the slipping by getting those inexpensive mesh pads, you can find anywhere. They stopped the slipping only in the living room, due to heavy furniture placed on top but that was it.
I had always wanted our rugs to be soft and cushiony since we are loungers. When Rug Pad Corner contacted me to give two of their pads a try, I was elated. I excitedly looked through their selection online and a light bulb went off in my head.

Why didn't I ever think to explore my options, I do for everything else. I think it's because in design we tend to dwell on the seen, the more beautiful things, rather than the unseen.

Rug Pad Corner had exactly what I didn't know I needed for our rugs. For the living room we chose the Superior all felt pad. The soft felt is really gentle on the floors. For the master bedroom we went with the Ultra Premium pad. It is non-slip and let me tell ya it stays put.
We had our pads cut slightly smaller than our rugs so the rug edges would lie flat against the floor. Both pads are so dense that you won't have to worry about dirt or dust penetrating through your rugs to your floors.
Since our rug in the living room is weighed down by heavy furniture I thought we really didn't need a non-slip backing on the rug pad. I was wrong. It shifts a lot with the boys running through and especially when my husband is exercising. Not enough to be bothered with it though, I just pull it back into place and voila, magic! I suppose when we finally get our sectional that will no longer be the case.

We have been living with our new rug pads for several weeks now and they're amazing, aside from the living room rug shifting a little.  The one thing we noticed right off the bat is the thickness. It feels as if we bought a new rug! When Darnetha gets down on the floor and can sit or lay for a long period of time, you have to know its a good thing!
Good to know information:
All pads are made in the US of A
Contains only 100% natural and recycled materials
No chemicals, glues or adhesives are used in the making of the pads
Guaranteed to last at least 15 years
Free shipping

If you are need of a rug pad I would suggest that you head on over to their website and check out their selection. Don't worry it's easy to navigate and helps eliminate the guesswork involved in picking out your rug pad. As an added bonus, Rug Pad Corner is offering a 15% discount off your entire order for ChippaSunshine readers. Just enter code REVIEW15 at checkout.
Do you have rugs that are slipping out from under you? Any interesting stories? Do you like to lounge on the floor? Ever stepped on a Lego? See ya soon!

Disclosure : Rug Pad Corner provide me with their rug pads for review. This did not influence my review in any way. All opinions expressed are completely my own.

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  1. Great review, D! And your pictures are so beautiful. I love seeing more of your home.

  2. Great review Darnetha! I need to write mine soon!


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