Hall Closet Makeover

Hello Sunshine! Our hall closet was nothing more than a closet we just threw stuff in. There wasn't a place to hang a coat, no shelves, and lurking behind our hall closet door is a breaker box. Yes, that's right, a breaker box and it was taking up valuable real estate. Well, those days are over! Take a look at our new and improved hall closet.
First thing I did was to clear out the closet. Everything that was hanging out on the bottom of the closet had to go. I sorted and purged. Next up, I painted the entire closet a bright vibrant shade of coral. I used Americana Decor's Smitten. Then I installed a removable hanging rod that I painted in gloss white and added wooden hangers. We seriously needed a spot to hold blankets so I added two built-in shelves painted in gloss white.
I had to pay special attention to every detail that went into this teeny tiny space. The breaker box had to be fully accessible and unblocked. The best way to accomplish that and have everything I wanted was to install a removable hanging rod. The breaker box can actually open fully with the rod in place but I wanted that option just in case.
The shelves are great! Placed on top of the shelf is a cute golden yellow wire basket to hold gloves and scarves.  I love the bar that's attached to the door that holds my wrapping paper. This is a great way to maximize space and utilize an area that usually goes unused.
What do you think? Do you have a crazy closet that needs a little spruce up or a dilemma you have to work around? See ya soon!

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  1. Awesome I am in love with that color

  2. OMG what a delightful little makeover. Love the color you chose for the inside so much

  3. I love your new closet. So pretty!! Plus I love the hanging wrapping paper.

  4. Beautiful and functional! Gorgeous pictures as always, my friend!

  5. Looks so good! Such a good use of space and I love the color plus, genius idea on hanging up your wrapping paper!

  6. That looks so pretty! I love the pop of color and all the functional aspects you added! I really need to do something like this in my front closet!!

  7. Love the color! I think my favorite part is your wrapping paper storage.


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