Fall Photo Series : Cub Scout Campout

Hello Sunshine! Today I am back with another photo series. Over the summer I shared our vacation to Houston and San Antonio through a series of photos and today I wanted to share a fall edition from our son's cub scout campout.

In October, the boys and my husband spent two days camping out with the cub scouts. This years camp theme was space travel. May the force be with you! I came up just for the day to participate in all the activities. It was cool during the day but it dropped down into the 30's that night. It was COLD!

My younger son is in cub scouts but since this was a family event they allowed our other son to participate as well. They both had a ton of fun! They learned about archery and how to shoot arrows, made a pinwheel galaxy at the Native American Village, at Cub-A-Lot Castle they made the aliens retreat with their noodle sabers, played by the lake and made a UFO spaceship, played at the Fort Cub, and had endless fun exploring the campsite.

I asked the boys what was their favorite part and what did they learn at the campout. Our youngest said he learned about bows and arrows and his favorite part was at the castle with the foam swords and pirate ship. Our oldest son said he learned how to set up the tent from his dad and his favorite part was also the castle with the swords.

While the kids played at the pirate ship my husband and I sat by the lake where it was quiet. We talked and enjoyed the peacefulness of the still water. The view was amazing.

The campfire was especially welcoming after a lot of walking and the cool weather. The men prepared dinner, the boys played, and the adults gathered around the fire. It was a great day!

Our Fall Photo Series: Cub Scout Campout
See ya soon!

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