Living Room Refresh : The Plan

Hello Sunshine! A month ago I decided to change the look of my living room. I often move furniture around to fix my need for a bit of change but the configuration of the furniture in our living room must stay for optimum flow so I resolved my need for change with what I like to call a refresh.

A refresh is to update, to freshen up any space to renew your love for that area of your home. And I encourage you to do this in your home. A refresh doesn't have to cost a lot of money or any money for that matter. You could shop your house, move things around, or even remove dated decor.

When rethinking my space I found it best to remove everything. Everything out! Since the furniture was staying put, I removed all of the art, pictures, lamps, decorative items, pillows, and books to get a good look at the space all bare.

With it completely void of anything I devised a plan. I want our room to be cozy, reflect my husbands love of art on the wall, blended with my minimalist style, and room for the kids to be kids. I did a lot of my own style searching during this process. I can't pinpoint my exact design style but its somewhere between casual traditional modern minimalist.

Here is our living room refresh plan plus some changes that will come down the road:
Drop Pendant Floor Lamp | Pillow Covers | Blanket Ladder
Native Map | Curtains

I have already made a lot of small changes to the living room and the room already feels different. In a good way. It looks and feels more like the 'now' us! I shared a little sneak peak a couple weeks ago over on instagram.

Funny story about the floor lamp, my husband was against me getting the lamp. I went with my heart and got it anyway and now he loves the lamp. He even claimed it as his personal lamp to read under. Ha!

I recently fell in love with some Belgium linen curtains that I just can't get out of my mind but a part of me wants a patterned curtain. Jury is still out on that decision but if you want to way-in on the matter please leave a comment. 

In the near future, we plan to get a sectional to replace our sofa and chair, a new rug, starting a family gallery wall, and ripping out another wall. All great stuff but it will require more planning and saving of funds.
Later this week I will be back to share my DIY blanket ladder with another sneak peak. So if you took a look at my living room refresh progress picture over on instagram, let me know about how you feel about the curtains. See ya soon!
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