8 Tips to Host an Epic Easter Egg Hunt

Start a new tradition this Easter by hosting your own Easter egg hunt. Egg hunts are a favorite activity for many kids and even adults. My family looks forward to this fun, annual tradition every year. They never know where they will find an egg lurking or who will seize the elusive prize egg. I thought it would be fun to show you just how easy it is to throw your own hunt.

  1. Know Your Guest | If you know that the kids you are inviting are younger and love crafts, have a cute craft station set up for them to create. Or if they are older and like games, play a few games with prizes. An egg race comes to mind! If you are like me and the kids just want to play and run around, have plenty of things for them to do. Jump ropes, hula hoops and my back yard trampoline that is always a hit.
  2. Invitations | What's a party or get together without an invitation. There are so many cute ways to invite guest nowadays. Evites are simple and there are a lot of fun designs that are free. Social Media is another great way to get the word out. The only downfall to that is that not everyone on your guest list will be on your platform. I still like to send good old fashion snail mail invitations. I love it! Tiny Prints and Minted have a great variety of themed invites. I usually use a local shop here in Nashville to make mine but I have also used Etsy to find some really unique creations.
  3. Food | Around these parts food is an absolute must. You don't have to go over the top to pull off an epic hunt. Many hunts put on by churches or parks have food items for sale. Either with food trucks, yum, bake sales or a grill. For your smaller scale hunt, you can offer a potluck where everyone can bring a dish. Don't worry to much about asking your friends, they are usually very happy to bring something to share and you will have plenty of food to go around. We grill out and offer couple of side items, drinks, and a dessert. Last year my friend bought the best cheesecake, delish!
  4. Location, Location, Location | You will find the best location is often your own backyard. However I have seen hunts done inside houses and community centers. Just make sure that if you pick a destination outside your or a family members home that you need to book it well in advance. Easter egg hunts are popular and places book up fast!
  5. Date | This goes with invitations and knowing your guests. This year Easter falls on March 27th. I know that my friends and family are always super busy the Saturday before Easter, the 26th. So I wouldn't ask them to come over on that day, even though they would come I wouldn't want to put them out their way. Instead I always host my hunt two Saturdays before Easter, the 19th. This works for us and our friends, your dates might look completely different.
  6. Decorations | Decorations set the tone and can mimic your invitations. The candy filled eggs will be the ultimate star of your hunt but that shouldn't stop you from decorating. A spring wreath on your door to greet guest, bunny yard signs, a bunting strung up, a cute tablescape, a pastel balloon arch are a few great ideas to set the scene.
  7. Eggs and Prizes | It's an egg hunt after all you must have eggs. Boiled eggs or candy filled eggs, you must make that decision. We do plastic eggs filled with delicious candy. I recycle my eggs every year since I host an annual hunt. Every store this time of year will have them, some more affordable than most. You can buy in bulk from places like Oriental Trading. In the weeks leading up to the hunt I buy candy and fill the eggs. Our last hunt I think we had something like 300 eggs. You can also have each family bring a dozen filled eggs. They always gladly oblige! For the past couple of years we have done a prize egg and who ever is lucky enough to find it gets an extra special prize. We've done a huge stuffed bunny and a 2 foot solid chocolate bunny.
  8. Kid Thank You Gifts | Just like a most parties this is a small jester of thanks for coming and celebrating with us. I make or buy something for every kid, even the teenagers. Small is key. A chocolate bunny or cross, you can find these at the dollar store and they are tasty. I've even made chocolate covered peep pops. The kids are appreciative and it's a great way to say bye as your friends and family leave.
I have a pinterest board full of awesome ideas that will help you on your way to one awesome egg hunt that would be talked about and even looked forward to! See ya soon!

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  1. Great Tips Darnetha! I agree especially on the know your guest! I've seen Easter Eggs hunts that have totally not catered to the right crowd! Your tips are spot on!

  2. I absolutely loved Easter egg hunts as a child! They were so epic & memorable. Guess it's time I start my own tradition! I'll be sure to use these tips. Thanks Darnetha !

  3. Fantastic tips, I'll be writing these ones down and those eggs are so pretty!!!


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