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Hello Sunshine! Over the weekend the boys and I made plans for their closet and toy storage. They loved the idea of a shelving unit that can house all their toys in bins with a space for their games up top.

Their room is small with limited wall space so I proposed moving one of their dressers, that is to the right of their closet, so we could have room for a shelving unit. I quickly saw how this would ultimately be a bad idea. We would lose a dresser and precious clothes storage.

We had to take the plan back to the drawing board. The things the boys emphasized that they wanted were a rolling cart for their legos and small misc toys, a spot for all their nerf guns, and shelving for shoes.
To help unify and organize our boys shared closet for clothes and toys here is a list of our must haves:

ONE | Different colored hangers will help the boys distinguish what's theirs at a glance. I love these tubular hangers because they are inexpensive, come in an array of colors, and I can buy as little as one or a case of 72.

TWO | To further organize their hanging clothes I really like these colorful rod organizers. But the customization of these could yield into something really unique or coordinate with a theme.

THREE | Paint is a fun way to change any space, whether its an entire room or a small closet. Our boys room is a navy blue and khaki. To compliment the existing paint colors we think a green would play well.

FOUR | I plan on building shelves on one side of the closet to help coral their shoes and on the other side the boys want a rolling cart of some kind. I really like this storage system but I'm not married to the idea.

FIVE | Nerf guns are big in this house but with there long shape and clips, they can be hard to store. I saw a lot of great storage solutions around blogland but none I really would enjoy to look at. My compromise was a circular wire basket like this one.

SIX | For the top of their closet, for little odds and ends, I like this bin but this one is perfect for easy access. They also come with cute gold dots or silver triangles.

Organizing is half the battle. I use to think that pretty boxes and labels would solve all my problems but a good plan and system that works for everyone is key to keeping a space organized. When designing everything doesn't always work out and compromises must be made; like in this simple closet, we realized my initial plan needed revising so we had to regroup. Don't give up in your organizing or design efforts a solution can always be found.

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