Toy Storage Inspiration

Hello Sunshine! Today I am back to with more boys shared room goodness. Recap, every Wednesday in the month of August, starting today, I will be right here sharing my progress on improving my boys closet and toy storage. The start of school focused my attention to improve on their shared space.

Every inch of my home must work double duty, therefore I must maximize on its potential the best way I can. I decided that the area just to the right of their closet would no longer hold my youngest son's dresser but now house their toys.

The older they get the less toys I have to contend with, if you don't count the bazillions of little foot magnet legos. They have board games, legos, nerf guns and darts, army and knight men playsets, balls, marble mazes, cars, and electronics.

Since my oldest son doesn't really play with toys much, and the littlest is narrowing his toys down the older he gets, I want a toy storage solution that will grow with them and look great even without toys around.

Toy Storage Inspiration

I think a bookcase type storage system would benefit and provide the versatility they need in a unit. Getting the boys together this weekend to finalize some plans. Meet me back here next week for more boys shared room closet progress. See ya soon!

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  1. Darnetha! I can't wait to see what you do; those inspiration images have me drolling!


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