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Hello Sunshine! One thing I love to do is to read cook books. Don't tell me I'm the only one who does this. Besides a good cookbook I love to scour the interwebs for new recipes to try. A lot of the time they are hit or miss but sometimes I find a great recipe that my whole family loves.

Here are 10 good eats that I have tried, tested, and have received a thumbs up from the CS family! I'm sure your family will love them as well.

ONE | Grilled Mexican Street Corn that will leave you wanting more. The mayonnaise blend will serve more than the recipe entails, so save it for leftovers the next day. Loved how a sprinkling of chili powder gave it a hint of sweetness.

TWO | You may never want to buy a plain roasted chicken again once you try this Roast Garlic and Lemon Chicken. It is so juicy and flavorful!

THREE | I'm always looking for healthy foods that are heart healthy and low-sodium. On fathers day I served healthy tuna stuffed avocado and it was a hit. Instead of using mayo to combine the ingredients you use avocado. I'm not a fan of avocado but I loved this!

FOUR | We eat a lot of chicken and at times it gets a little boring but there's nothing boring about these Chili Lime Chicken thighs. I decreased the amount of lime due to my kids finding it a little overpowering, but my husband and I like it both ways.

FIVE | Any chance I get I love to use fresh herbs. If you are looking for a great side dish to serve along side your main dish look no further than these Buttered Red Potatoes with Dill.

SIX | Want a tasty summer dish that's easy to make, try Ina's Linguine with Shrimp Scampi. Yum!

SEVEN | Another summer dish that my kids love is my friend's Fresh Corn with Ricotta Pasta recipe. I was pleasantly surprised that they love it as much as they do. Make sure that you use fresh corn off the cob, it makes a difference.

EIGHT | A great substitute for a hamburger is a turkey burger. This one will not disappoint.

NINE | I never in a million years would think that I would like an egg dish. If you are close to me then you know that I have never liked eggs. I don't know what it is but this Cheesy Broccoli Bacon Quiche is fantastic! I sub out the bacon for thick cut ham.

TEN | I love a dish I can throw in my dutch oven in the morning and by the afternoon it's ready for the table. I pair Ree's Spicy Dr.Pepper Shredded Pork with my homemade cole slaw on a bun. Finger licking good. However I'm a bit of a wimp and can only put half a can of chipotle peppers in.

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  1. Your grandmother loves to read cookbooks too so I guess you inherited that. The healthy tuna stuffed avocado would be my favorite.


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