Annie Sloan French Linen TV Console

Hello Sunshine! I recently used Annie Sloan's chalk paint in french linen to makeover my tv console as part of my living room refresh and upcoming fall tour. It's a really pretty gray color that complements the room well.

I ultimately decided to repaint our tv console due to some water damage on the top. Besides the apparent damage I wanted to lighten its dark wood tone through color. If you are interested in seeing how the console table looked before and a little story about how we designed this space through compromise, check it out here.

This is my third piece of furniture I have painted. My first piece was our aubusson blue console table that was also painted with Annie Sloan's chalk paint. But most recently I used a paint sprayer to paint my daughter's dresser as part of Home Depot's DIY Challenge.

I wanted our tv console to look modern. When you tell people you painted a piece with chalk paint they automatically think rustic or chippy worn paint. Well, I'm here to shout it from the rooftops that you can achieve clean, modern results using the same paint.

How to Achieve a Modern Looking Paint Job with Chalk Paint

  • For great results clean piece to remove dust and debris. Tip | You do not have to sand or prime when using chalk paint. I chose not to sand as our console is laminate in areas however I did sand the top to smooth out the water damage.
  • Apply two to three thin coats of paint using a quality brush or foam roller. Allow to dry completely, which is roughly 30 minutes with chalk paint.
  • Lightly sand, if needed, to smooth out any imperfections for a super smooth finish. Remember to remove any dust or debris from sanding.
  • Apply wax with a brush, getting in all the nooks and crannies. Wipe away excess wax with a clean, dry rag. Allow to dry about 24 hours before buffing. This will make your piece shine.

I love how the tv console turned out. In true Darnetha fashion I was a bit nervous. The console no longer blends into the floor but now pops against our hardwood floors. I'm super excited about my upcoming fall tour I'm doing with a fantastic group of blog friends. Stay tuned.

See ya soon!

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  1. The new color is so pretty, D! You really gave it a professional looking makeover! I used the same color to paint my son's old bedroom furniture. I didn't bother to wax it though. Thankfully it's held up just fine!!

    1. Thank you Brandi! I didn't know that you painted your son's furniture in french linen, it's a great color! Waxing was not my favorite so I don't blame you for skipping that, lol.

  2. Love the new color Darnetha! I looks super professional and looks great with your floors!

    1. Alaya, that's the first thing my husband said when he saw it all finished and in place. That he liked how it stood out against the wood floors instead of blending in.

  3. Wow!! Darnetha, this paint job looks like a factory finish, it's so perfect. Love this color! I need you to come paint my dresser!!!

    1. We can trade! I'll paint your dresser if you upholster my banker chairs! Lol!


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