Christmas Tree Hunt 2016

Hello Sunshine! This past weekend was a busy one! We braved the cold weather and attended The 63rd Annual Nashville Christmas Parade. Can you believe this was our first time ever attending? This year my daughter had the opportunity to be in the parade as one of the balloon holders. She held the stocking balloon, or as people were calling it a boot or sock. Lol!

I shared glimpses of the event on my instastory. I had a blast despite my hands being numb from the cold and wind. Memorable moments: TSU matching band was fantastic, Titan's Cheerleaders, Idaho potato truck, Kelly Clarkson, Santa, and seeing my daughter round the corner as I cheered and waved!

After the parade my daughter had a big audition for a part in a orchestra. We rushed home after the parade to pick up her violin and headed to the audition. I spent hours waiting for her in a cafeteria full of other anxious parents. My hat goes off to her and all the other 11th and 12th grade musicians for facing themselves that day. A lot of nervous energy, doubt, pride, and accomplishment filled the room.

You could hear echoes of instruments playing behind closed doors. You could see the frustration at times when they didn't do as they once expected or that they allowed the nerves to get to them or they realized they should have practiced more. Tears were shed both of pure elation and uncertainty. These auditions are tough.

The results were posted last Saturday night on their website. I pulled it up squinting to see if my baby had made it. I jumped up and ran to her room to wake her up. She made the orchestra! I couldn't be more proud!

On Sunday, it started to rain. We always go to pick out our Christmas tree on the first weekend in December. It wasn't ideal to go when it was raining but we didn't want to wait another week. We headed to our favorite Christmas tree lot where we can hunt for the perfect tree and they hoist it on the roof of your vehicle and tie it down, plus their pulled pork is pretty darn good!

The kids and I walked through the lot and the second tree we stopped at we all liked! Now thats one for the record books for us! Before my husband could come back with an attendant and my son begging one last hundredth time to wear his batman hat, we had the tree picked out. We carried her home not knowing that she was too tall and full for our living room and would require me to reconfigure the furniture. She is bossy I tell ya!

See ya soon!

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  1. Really nice caption of your day. Love the quality time pictures with the family. Priceless...


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