The Fitness Lover Gift Guide

Hello Sunshine! With the holiday shopping season in full swing, I've joined 6 talented bloggers to bring you 12 days of curated gift guides. We are on day 10 and the ladies have been knocking it out the park with their guides. You can find gifts for teen & tween girly girls, toddlers, new homeowners, homebodies, working moms, get it girls, new mommies, and so much more!

Today it is all about the fitness lovers in your life. I have compiled 12 awesome fitness related gifts that any fitness fanatic would love to receive.

This past year I dove head first into the fitness scene. A friend and I took every opportunity to preview gyms and centers across Nashville. It was fun and opened up my new found love of fitness. Becoming fit is such a rewarding accomplishment and esteem builder.

1 | FitBit Alta Activity Tracker - $129
The best activity tracker out there. It can not only track your steps but your sleep patterns, distance, active minutes and calories burned. It is a great motivator to get up and move. I personally have the plum and love it!

2 | After This We're Getting Pizza Gym Bag - $28
I'm a big fan of cute gym accessories.

3 | Ribbon Hair Ties - $6
A great stocking stuffer!

4 | Wireless Earphones - $39
No matter the workout, listening to music can set your pace, help you zone out, or simply keep you moving. Many times when I'm getting into a zone and I accidentally yank the earphones out my ear. Aggravating! A wireless set helps alleviate that situation.

5 | Water Bottle - $7
 Staying hydrated is key. My go to water bottles have a flip top and a carry handle.

6 | FlipBelt - $28
A great alternative to a armband or pouch. You can easily carry things you often need when working out, especially on walks or runs when you don't want to carry a bag.

7 | Superfood Smoothies Recipe Book - $11
I love a good smoothie, especially one packed with nutrients.

8 | Thirsty Yoga Hand Towel - $9
A super absorbent microfiber hand towel that dries quickly.

9 | Flat Tummy Tea - $36
A tea that will reduce bloating and detoxify your system. I've seen this everywhere and would love to give it a try.

10 | No-Slip Socks - $9
An essential if you are doing pilates or Lagree on a reformer and yoga.

11 | CIZE - $59
The perfect at home workout for a dance lover. Learn 6 dance routines while working out. This is fun but challenging.

12 | Ponytail Headband - $18
Great for any woman with a ponytail that likes to workout in cool weather.

I hope you enjoy and find these gift guides helpful for all your holiday needs!
See ya soon!

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  1. these are such awesome ideas Darnetha! I am beginning a fitness journey soon so I will have to keep some of these in mind. I love the gym back because more than likely after I leave the gym, pizza will be on my list!

  2. I love that gym bag!! Such great gifts and gives me ideas for my January fitness journey!


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