If You Could...

Hello Sunshine! Today I am back with another 'if you could...' blog series question. If you missed our first installment in this series, check it out here.

This week's question:
If you could have any talent what would you choose?

Talent can be described as a special ability that allows an individual to do a thing well. Your natural ability which you are born with. Do we often confuse talent with skill? Or are they one in the same? A skill can be classified as an ability that is learned. It is developed and harnessed with a lot of hard work and time. Whichever the case, what would you choose?

My talent would be to sing! Oh how I love to sing. I can just see myself standing in front of a crowd who came to see me, to hear me.

I would sing any and everywhere. Well I do that now, lol, but it would sound divine.

So let's hear it, if you could have any talent what would you choose?
See ya soon!


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