A Dreamy Organized Kitchen

When my kitchen grows up it wants to look and function just like this one! Lol! As you know, this week, I was knee deep in cleaning and organizing my kitchen. I am happy to announce I am done. It feels great to walk in and see the cabinets and counters gleaming.

I sat down to take a break and started to read the Martha Stewart Living Magazine October issue when I saw this kitchen. The article titled Secrets to a Hardworking Kitchen was chock full of inspiring images and great storage solutions. Here are some of my favorite tips and most were exactly what I did this week:

"Keep your kitchen clutter-free by going through it once a year-the run-up to the holidays is a great time. Put away or donate what you don't use." ~Lorna Aragon, home editor

"Keep cooking oils, salt, pepper, favorite spices, and key utensils within arm's reach of the stove. Use a tray to keep things looking neat and catch drips. Keep like utensils together in crocks. Store salts in open containers to easily grab a pinch."

"...do some creative shopping, looking not just at housewares stores but at office-supply stores for organizers that would bring order to storage area."

See ya soon and happy organizing!

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  1. Awesome only if I could do that. That's my dream kitchen.

  2. Such a beautifully organized kitchen!

  3. Such pretty kitchen inspiration and love how everything is style / organized next to the stove!!

  4. I read that article too and learned a lot of things as well, your inspirations are all beautiful, so I know your on the right track! CHEERS for one more room organized!

  5. This kitchen is a dream come true!!!


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