Paint, Curtains, and A Dilemma

Hello Sunshine! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Last week I finally started our laundry room makeover. I broke out the paint brushes and gave it a fresh coat or two or three of paint.

The plan was to have Stage One complete before the end of November. Stage One was to clean and purge, sell large cabinet, paint, hang new curtains, install cabinets over the washer|dryer, and organize.

In August we cleaned, sorted and purged. The laundry room for us doubled as a utility closet. It houses all my paint supplies, tools, sewing paraphernalia, craft hoard, etc etc etc. In September I managed to sell my large cabinet on craigslist, and it wasn't easy.

Lets talk paint
Before | The room was a basic tan-ish color. In fact the entire house was painted this color when we bought it. Slowly but surely the tan is getting the boot.
After | I want the new laundry room to feel bright, fresh, and classic with a side of modern. My new wall color crush is white. Nothing says fresh like a bright white wall. Well my husband was't having it so I picked the closest thing to white, Day Spa by Behr.

It looks white when the sun is shining directly through the window but it actually has a hint of blue. It is really pretty and I couldn't be happier.
I am not sold on the curtains. I put them up and it just wasn't what I envisioned. I got a lot of ideas from my friend Katrina but wanted to wait until I had the cabinets in place to pass a finally judgement. One day I will put back up the switch plates!

The Dilemma | Well, we went to locate the studs in the wall so we could hang the cabinets on Friday and that is where things got a bit strange. In the space where the cabinets would have been hung there are only two studs. Two studs in a 60" span of wall. TWO STUDS?
We double checked, tripled checked and only two. How can that be? Shoddy carpentry comes to mind. This makes me mad as fire and there are no words. Now what?

We are currently toying with ideas and hopefully can have a resolution in a week. How would you solve my dilemma? See ya soon!

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  1. Boo! I'm so sorry about, totally understand your dilemma! I think a pair of open shelves with pretty brackets would be really pretty - they would be both functional and pretty.

  2. Love your new wall color! That's so unfortunate about the studs. I'm sure you'll come up with a creative solution.

  3. Your new wall color looks fantastic, Darnetha! Grrrrr, only two studs?! How frustrating!

  4. Well that stinks! What in the world?? What are you planning to put in the cabinets? Can you use anchors and hang a bunch of pretty baskets/boxes on the wall instead?

  5. it looks great and I love the curtains. Could you install floating shelves with using anchors?

    1. Thanks Audrey! We were thinking of just that, adding a shelf with some anchors. I could jazz it up with a large print, baskets and putting my laundry detergents in pretty bottles.


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